Great part of the practical accomplishment for this solutions has the support of Faculty of Electro technical and Information Technologies at the University “st Kiril and Metodius “- Skopje, laboratory for electronic Mr. Mario Makraduli, M.Sc. Great gratitude for thousand of hours commitment and advices.

To our dear friends and top audiophiles for years of contribution: Zoran Zorkich and Vlaho Brangolica.

First rehearsal of Linear MOSFET audio power amplifier 1000W@1Ω were made in 2006 in the premises of AC-DC. For the first time during the show of the movie ‘Shadows” by Milcho Mancevski the final version of the amplifier had its public promotion. Two of these amplifier “fed” 2x14 (Every 150W@8Ω JBL surround speakers.

We express great gratitude to Zoki Stefanovski – “The King” from Youth Cultural Centre, Skopje who let us test one mono block Linear audio MOSFET power amplifier 1000W@1 Ω with charge under 0.5Ω (connected on 12 professional speakers in parallel, placed in dancing hall in Youth Cultural Centre). For the first time we sensed the real power of the amplifier.

We also express great gratitude to the AC DC team, without these guys nothing would be possible: Igor Karanfilovski, Goran Arsovski,Darko Senkovski and Toni Nochevski.

Have you ever imagine Hi-Fi amplifier who can be turned in every moment, in to stereo PA amplifier, can be connected to 24 speakers boxes filling with sound every space?

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